The polygamist relationship between Scandal! actors, Hlomla (Siseko) Kgomotso (Yvonne) & Lusanda (Boniswa) is just too entertaining to not watch. So much so that a fake news article had to be written about the three actors.
Yesterday, Hlomla and his two on-screen wives were out and about having lunch and going through some of the tweets from Scandal! fans about the characters they play.

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Numerous fake news articles about an alleged fight between Yvonne and Boniswa were published. The articles caused great concern amongst their fans. So much so that even Hlomla then retweeted the stories.

Hlomla, Kgomotso, and Lusand had a blast going through the tweets, but they eventually had to put an end to the fake news

The trio discredited the news of Kgomotso and Lusanda’s behind the scenes fight with just one selfie and a tweet.

Hlomla tweeted:

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’Apparently my wives are fighting, so I’ve decided to show evidence of their makeup’’