Monday 28 August 2017
Episode 2854

Hlengiwe gets a lead which points her in the direction of the Newtonian Hotel. Dintle makes a big promise to a friend and knows she will have to follow through on it. Lindiwe has to pretend that her plan is a success.

Tuesday 29 August 2017
Episode 2855

A mild mannered man, through no fault of his own, becomes the target of a criminal. Dintle is confident that she can still secure her future. Lindiwe solves a problem with trickery.

Wednesday 30 August 2017
Episode 2856

One person a criminal is targeting disappears, but another comes onto his radar. Dintle is thrilled that her plan is working, but thrown when she learns there is a condition. Mary gets her heart’s desire, but it comes with a price.

Thursday 31 August 2017
Episode 2857

Boniswa becomes aware that all is not as it should be, and a dodgy individual gets a nasty surprise. Dintle discovers what a good shrew business negotiator Gontse has become. Mary is encouraged to do the right thing.

Friday 1 September 2017
Episode 2858

Hlengiwe is getting closer to the truth, and a young thug manages to escape death. Dintle believes that she has finally arrived. Mary turns to someone she dislikes intensely for help.