Monday 25 September 2017
Episode 2874

The net closes in on Yvonne, and Hlengiwe is given the first concrete piece of information about a story she is working on. Stokkies has a moment of startling self-realisation. Maletsatsi attempts to help some neighbours’ children.

Tuesday 26 September 2017
Episode 2875

Talk about a dead body is overheard, which sets a chain of events in motion. An anonymous attempt at wooing is misunderstood. Two young people turn to literature to help them with a problem.

Wednesday 27 September 2017
Episode 2876

A spy witnesses what appears to be an incriminating liaison, and a young man scrambles to try and save a criminal’s life. Stokkies drops broad hints in the hope that they will be picked up. A discussion about forgiveness plants the seed of an idea.

Thursday 28 September 2017
Episode 2877

Dintle makes a major contribution without knowing what the consequences could be, and a gruesome discovery is made. Ingrid’s father is not pleased to hear his daughter being discussed. Kgosi makes a radical suggestion which gets Lindiwe thinking.

Friday 29 September 2017
Episode 2878

Yvonne has to employ clever tactics in order to arrive at a rendezvous, where someone is unexpectedly attacked. Ingrid plays detective for herself. Lindiwe puts a plan in motion, but has to push to get it to succeed.