Monday 30 October 2017
Episode 2899

Yvonne is both surprised and titillated by an unexpected visit and gift. Layla is blissfully unaware that she is being observed in a potentially compromising situation. Hlengiwe accepts an offer, but only conditionally.

Tuesday 31 October 2017
Episode 2900

Boniswa finds herself flattered and titillated, and incites her rival to cross a line. Ingrid has devastating news for her father. A new living arrangement is cemented with some rules.

Wednesday 1 November 2017
Episode 2901

Yvonne is the unwitting victim of a plan, and Boniswa is the recipient of a stunning confession. Wesley and Layla find themselves in turmoil. Romeo defends his mother against the exploitation of her pain.

Thursday 2 November 2017
Episode 2902

Real emotions cause a change of heart, leaving only one woman to be thrown under the bus. Layla withdraws from a current situation in order to manage her messy past. Quinton commits himself to laying down the law.

Friday 3 November 2017
Episode 2903

Yvonne believes her life is over, but is thrown an unexpected lifeline by a friend. Quinton is horrified by the complications in the life of someone close to him. Grace defends a woman who initially upset her.