Sho Madjozi hasn’t stopped grieving her sister, Khani, who passed on in December, 2019.Sho Madjozi mourns and details cause of sister’s death on her 21st birthday.

Sho Madjozi mourns and details cause of sister’s death on her 21st birthday

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, the singer said the young girl would have been 21-year-old today.

She further detailed what caused her younger sis’ death.

“I love and hate this month so much. My sister rode with a drunk driver last December and died in an accident and the driver survived. She would have been 21 today,” Sho said.

“Khani’s death is droning endlessly in the background like a self-powering generator. People will want their selfies regardless of the ache. People are happy. Their siblings are alive. They have been able to keep them safe. We could not save ours. She’s gone. People are dancing,” she added.

Sho Madjozi had penned down various notes since Khani died in 2019, and she dated each note.

“23/12/19: The death of my sister belittles every other grief I have passed through. I can’t imagine what I have ever cried about before now.”

“30/12/19: Today I’m dreading going to Afropunk. There are the usual nerves mixed with the ache that’s been vibrating inside me since I heard the news.”

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“06/01/20: If you knew how much we loved you, you would not have slipped away in that unceremonious manner. How could you have your phone stolen from you while your body lay on the side of the road? How could you make me hate my whole country and everyone in it?”

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