Simphiwe Ngema, the widowed wife of the late Dumi Masilela, says that she wants no sympathy for what she has been through.

The young actress took to Instagram to let her supporters know not to feel sorry for her, because she has never felt sorry for herself.

“I know that this cross has my name on it. It’s for me to carry. I’ve always kept my crown on my head, not once did I let it fall because I know who I am,” she said.

Simphiwe lost her beloved husband, Dumi after an attempted hijacking went wrong in August 2017.

Since then, Simz has shared her pain, triumphs and personal struggle coming to turns with the loss of her husband on Instagram.

The actress went on to say that she has overcome every obstacle she has faced.

Simz celebrated the life of her man through music at the Easy Sundays Street Food Market.

Source: Daily Sun