Skeem Saam Actor Katlego Peterson Fights With His Family After An Attack On His Wife.As you know, the holiday season is a time when we all celebrate with the family, no matter how nice the family is, the black sheep of the family are always present and Patrick spent with the black sheep.

Skeem Saam Actor Katlego Peterson Fights With His Family After An Attack On His Wife

The actor and his wife were invited by their family to spend time with them. It was a pity that his wife was the victim of verbal abuse as they were still having fun (she was attacked by her in-law). Patrick was so furious that he took him to his society to attack the problem of toxic offences.

The star had two very long messages to anyone who was married or wished for the near future. “”So I was invited by one of my paternal “my so-called cousins” to spend the night with them at a lodge in Brooklyn. Apparently, “this so-called cousin” has everyone around him as his boss and thinks she’s a millionaire in the family just because she inherited a few cents from her deceased mother. After she drank a few cups”.

“She started calling my cousin’s wife and my wife by all sorts of names, taking advantage of not hearing or understanding the language they use Kanti that she understands. My cousin’s wife got up and went to the bedroom, and my wife asked what was wrong with them as the first Makotigoa to swear and call all sorts of names with my cousin’s wife So that they can apologize?”

“But the so-called cousin started yelling at her, poking her forehead, the number of orphans, Ena le Mosadi Wa cousin, how they eat and breathe her, she tells us I told her Naco Eo Ora when I booked some I had baked beans and mayonnaise eaten with cold chicken at a cheap dirty lodge in Brooklyn. I got such treatment from her. I was told they weren’t the first. My other cousin’s wife had already received it, and many of them received it, including two of my uncle’s wives”.

“I’m not a wife. MO, KE RED ROBOT !! I’m not a voice person, but tort must fall. This is overkill. I read some posts I saw women experience such things from their torts, keep them quiet, and hear them die silently. Let the gentleman stand up for our wife and tell him to ban abuse. It’s your job to protect her because you married her for yourself, not for your family.

“Gentlemen, stand up for your wife and protect them from the people near you. Your family and friends have boundaries that they cannot cross when it comes to marrying your wife. If you need to stand by, your wife should always take your wife from the day you say so, your wife includes brothers but away from God Kick out your family.

Your wife now occupies and takes on the number one privileged honor in your life. Often it is that you are in front of your family and love for your wife on both sides. I demand that you stand up with all your might, so don’t let anyone separate what God has united, “

Patrick wrote in his first message. A photo was attached that said, “A toxic family must fall down.” Feeling that it wasn’t enough, or lacking justice, he wrote another message explaining the pain of being the wife of someone who couldn’t protect you from the family. He also urged men to constantly protect their partners from illegitimate abuse.

“I said this before, and I say it again &” You can disagree that it’s okay “, but as a man when you choose a wife, she automatically Will be number one. She will be the most important person in your world. She goes directly above your own family”.

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“I’m talking about the principles. Don’t get me wrong, your family is precious to anything, but like her, she leaves them and their surnames and clans to become your wife. Abandoned. She dropped her father’s surname for you. She put you in place of her father. In principle, you are the most important person in her life.

“If you are mature enough to understand it, you will know that she needs to be on the same pedestal, and once you understand the depth and gravity of this concept, you will be married. Ready. This is where many women get hurt or broken. Some even kill them, but they commit suicide because of the hatred and disgusting treatment they receive from tort. When it comes to their unsupported husbands and boyfriends, they make everything worse for them”.

“Stand up for men, boys, men, brothers and women, protect and love women. Women die silently in the name of love. Women are blamed for everything, I Talks about death, infertility, finance, everything, and our family blames women. Men do different things, love their wives, stand up and protect them”.

“Gentlemen marry girls and stop them from being taken away from their families and make them victims of our family. Let’s stop living in the shadow of our family in our marriage. Let’s stop being guided. We married them for ourselves, not for our family. Become a man, stand up for your wife, fight for her, protect her Lead her to a place of love and peace. #INLAW’s abuse must fall. “

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