Skeem Saam actress Makgofe Moagi is expecting. The actress revealed the news in an Instagram post, saying it’s “the best blessing” and that she is “full with love”. Rendered speechless..

It is done.. The best blessings, when Jesus says ‘yes’ nobody can say ‘no’… I’m full with love! [sic],” she posted.

Just last month the actress posted about the societal pressures of becoming pregnant at a certain age.


In the post, she frowned upon society and especially other women who put so much pressure on a female.

“She shouldn’t even be pressured to.. as for the uncalled name-calling and side encouragement from the family for the man to start searing outside. All this from the same society which is made up of our fellow sisters,” she wrote. She went on to educate her fans – male and female – about infertility for those trying to have a baby.

Source : News365