It seems that impulsive mother Charity Ramabu’s (Makgofe Moagi) return to Turfloop on Monday 5 December 2016 will be permanent and on Tuesday 24 January, she tries to find some stability in her life by asking to have her old speech therapy job back at the hospital.

She’s turned down and Makgofe explains that “Charity has a habit of running away when things don’t work out or go her way”. But this time it’s different – she’s listened to advice from her mother Koko (Lydia Mokgokoloshi) and eldest son Katlego (Patrick Seleka) the day before, on Monday 23 January. The pair have been directing Charity to take control of her life, but right now Makgofe says that “Charity is unclear about her plans. In fact, it doesn’t seem like she has any plans at all, other than finding a job that will sustain her”.

While her feet are itching to flee Turfloop, Charity fights her urges on Wednesday 25 January and she continues her search for employment. “She’s still trying to find herself and her solutions might not always be practical, but she is trying,” Makgofe explains. Charity’s family have always been vocal about her bad decisions and they’ve let her know when she’s wrong – like in September 2016, she angered the hospital’s management and her family when she left without an explanation to fix her relationship with her exhusband Kerrin (Jannes Eiselen) in Scotland.

That was a lie and she was actually in a secret relationship with Ivan (an off-screen character), who is Kerrin’s close friend. Charity always puts her family’s emotions at risk even after Katlego lashed out at her in early December 2016. “Her son called her a coward to her face,” says Makgofe. “Kat feels that had his mom been around, he wouldn’t have gone through half the terrible things he went through.”

Her past has made it difficult to trust Charity and no one knows this better than Katlego and Koko. “We learn that Charity is very minimal with the truth especially on why she’s back,” explains Makgofe as Charity’s lies continue on Thursday 26 January and her stories about being in Port Elizabeth for a workshop as a temporary speech therapist don’t add up. “Charity is a selfish mother who doesn’t put her children’s needs first,” says the actress. Charity’s supportive mother Koko is running out of ideas on how to get her daughter’s life on track and on Tuesday 31 January, a desperate Koko tells Turfloop tattletale Wallet (Molefi Monaisa) about her concerns.

Koko wants what’s best for Charity and she thought that Charity would change after her younger brother – Uncle Josias (Paul Rapetsoa) – spoke to her on Tuesday 6 December 2016. His advice went in one ear and out the other and Kat worries because his mom still doesn’t have a job. “Kat is stressed about whether he will be able to carry on with his studies – his dreams of becoming a chef might end,” says Makgofe. She adds that “Koko thinks that Charity is wasting her time on men and that isn’t how she brought her up. She hopes that her daughter acts responsibly and keeps her word.”