As if crime at the Global Citizen Festival didn’t have most people in Mzansi depressed already, Skeem Saam’s Mokgadi was also going through the most when her wig was snatched during a fight.

Mokgadi has BEEN swimming in the river of denial and refused to believe that her son Noah was dodgy AF until the dude ended up stabbing Tbose and everything kicked off.

Dude ran for his life after the stabbing and Ma chased after him, leaving Tbose half dead on the couch.

She later returned to tell Tbose’s mom Meikie that she could not find him.

Ai! The fireworks that exploded after that when Ma Meikie lunged at Mokgadi. Her first instinct was to get her in a headlock.

Mokgadi’s wig was snatched in the process and Ma was fought to make sure she wasn’t seen without it.

In fact, Ma couldn’t even speak after the fight because she was too worried about her wig being straight.

Go to the 15 min mark in the video below to see the action:


The internet was howling over the fight and took to Twitter to fill timelines with all the memes.


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