Soapie star shows fans the middle finger

A club full of Cape Flats mense were left fuming after 7de Laan actress Melanie Du Bois stood them up.

Patrons walked from as far as Parow and bought new outfits to meet the soapie star who plays Felicity Daniels Croukamp after reading about her personal appearance in the Daily Voice last week.

But an hour after she was scheduled to appear, her booking agent, who had been dodging calls the entire night, eventually confessed that the star wasn’t going to make it after all.

Melanie was supposed to be the star entertainment of the weekend after the Lucky Plaza club in Richmond was revamped and mense paid R20 each to see their idol.

Skyler Minnaar, 23, from Delft encouraged relatives from as far as Prieska and Graaff Reinet to visit the club to meet her.

“To me it was special that someone like her would come here and now the whole club is waiting for her and she just doesn’t care,” he says.

Jody Kilowan, 28, and Donna Kasper, 35, walked from Parow when they saw the event advertised two weeks ago.

Initially Felicity’s on-screen stukkie, Willem, was on the bill, but it was changed to her.

Jody says: “For us coloureds there aren’t lots of people that we can look up to on TV that aren’t drug addicts or gangsters and she was really one of those coloured women who made it. I’m not disappointed, I am actually sad.”

Lucky Plaza’s owner who asked not to be named says Melanie has now jeopardised his venue’s credibility.

“In future people will see us advertising other stuff and think it’s a lie. We had a venue full of people excited to meet her and they were let down,” he says.

Aziza Joseph had a few choice words for Melanie, ‘F** you, Felicity for disappointing us’ she fumed when she was told the news.

Melanie’s agent who identified himself as Roland Hendricks told club management they aren’t skelms and were also embarrassed by the star’s no show.

“We will refund the deposit,” he promised.

Felicity will soon be doing another disappearing act when she is written out of the soapie after her contract was not renewed.

Source ; Daily Voice


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