Social media is still recovering from Zodwa Wabantu’s thigh-baring outfit

The dress that shocked many at the Durban July race course.

We thought that Skolopad would surprise us with her outfit at Durban July, but it turns out that Zodwa Wabantu would be the one with the surprises.

The dancer, socialite and MC who is famously known for her dance moves whilst holding a bottle of Savanah had people tripping over their words with this revealing black number.

Screenshot - 7_3_2017 , 10_07_13 AM

At first we thought, ok, she’s just showing her legs and thighs, something we’ve seen many times but then we saw the back of the outfit and it was game over.

Screenshot - 7_3_2017 , 10_07_39 AM

Some are even referring to her as an icon. Errr…your thoughts?

Ten marks if you can explain to us what these people were thinking when Zodwa Wabantu approached.

We wonder if Zodwa wabantu was able to do her infamous dance moves when she wore this outfit.

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