Not sure if it’s the fact that they’re co stars on Etv’s Scandal that makes these two’s love so adorable but whatever it is, we love seeing it. Being absolutely in love with one another and not being afraid to show it must be one of the coolest things about love.


Romeo and Ingrid might be complete strangers on Scandal but Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows literally live in each others worlds.

The young couple who do literally everything together are always gushing about how in love they are. Their relationship is goals. If you’re bitter because your relationship didn’t work out then don’t follow these two on Instagram because their love will make you want to call up that someone and try again (unless you want to).



The gent’s could learn a thing or two from Hungani because while you guys are hiding your girlfriends from the world, the actor is always gushing about how his lady has brought light into his life. The chocolate and vanilla milkshake duo as Staphanie calls them are very supportive of one another’s careers aside from acting.

Hungani is a choreographer (yes he dances) and motivational speaker while Stephanie runs her own business and does a bit of modeling.


We want that Hungani and Steph kind of love because not only are they best friends and are always acting the fool together but Mr Hungani might just have bigger plans for his lady. After the two attended a wedding together, Hungani might have hinted that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Stephanie when he captioned the picture “One day is one day” followed by the ring emoji.



We’re not saying the two are engaged because they aren’t, but Hungani might have already promised her something else, Stephanie wears what to us looks like a promise ring, could it a stepping stone?

It even has the infinity symbol on it to signify that this is forever, hmmmm don’t say you heard it from us but these two are forever.