The Queen actress Zenande Mfenyana Gushes over her Hubby. Zenande Mfenyana took to Twitter recently to gush over her hubby. Commending him on his fitness.

The Queen actress Zenande Mfenyana Gushes over her Hubby

The broody mom probably will not let the friendship affect her that much since her daughter is the centre of her universe. The new mom gushes over her daughter a lot on social media and she does that without posting any of her pictures.

The actress also revealed that she is really loving motherhood. “This is the heaven she imagined. I see it in how happy my daughter is. It’s lovely here at mommyville.

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The new mom also said that she’d like to meet up with some of her friends from pre-school. Out of her own curiosity, she’d like to see where they are in life right now.

“I have this deep longing to meet up with people I went to kindergarten with, I just wana see them and see how they’re doing and stuff you know? That’s just my curious nature playing out I guess.


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