Actress Zenande Mfenyana has lashed out at women for hating on each other after social media trolls blamed her The Queen character for getting raped.

Zenande, who plays the role of Goodness on the hit drama series has had Mzansi talking after her character was raped by her boyfriend. Besides dealing with the rape, Goodness had to deal with a parent who didn’t believe her at first and police who just don’t seem to care.

However, the character’s wild and home wrecker past had led some to claim she deserved being attacked.

Zenande was gatvol of watching people drag Goodness and took to Twitter to make a few observations.

“Every night I’m alarmed at the amount of women saying Goodness deserved to be raped. Deserved? You’re saying she rightfully earned to have her womanhood, her body, her mind violated?”


She also claimed the hate was coming from mostly women and called for an end to women hating on each other.

“I can’t get it through my mind how much women-on-women hate there is in this world.”

The star has previously spoken about the general attitude towards rape in the country, telling fans she hopes her character’s ordeal will help make a difference.

“We need to start having these serious conversations, a lot of people are in the dark about what rape really is. I hope somehow through the rape storyline on The Queen some light will be shed,” she wrote earlier this month.

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