Etv’s sexy bachelor Quinton Nyathi played by Brighton Ngoma might be synonymous for short term relationships but he’s actually a really good lover. The actor and artist has been in a very stable relationship for close to a decade with former Rhythm City actress Tshepi Mashego who played Diphuka, remember her?

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We won’t lie and say we weren’t hoping he was single but guys, the love he has for Tshepi is just filling our hearts with rainbows and unicorns.. The couple have been together for almost 10 years now and we appreciate the fact that they’re not always in our faces with their love. Their social media accounts are both not bombarded with pictures of one another and what we like the most is that they’re not social media junkies. When online, Brighton often post old picture of himself in his younger days and scenes from Scandal. Only once in a while will he post his girlfriend and son, yes they have a son together.

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The little boy might have his mothers china eyes but he’s definitely his father child, look at that face. As much as they try to keep their love out of the public (especially her) and enjoy each other in private, Brighton sometimes breaks the rules and shares his love for her with the rest of us.. From wearing matching shoes, to wearing her clothes , the actor just wants to know that he loves his woman.
We’re not saying marriage is in the cards for these two but if it were up to us, they’d be our next star studded celebrity wedding we’d love to see.