Money is that one thing which doesn’t come easy, for some, one has to think twice before spending it, the worst part is when someone just helps him/ herself with one’s hard-earned cash, Tebogo “PinkyGirl” Mekgwe would tell how painstaking that is.

She recently lost R6 000, after a debit card fraudster withdrew the money from her bank account.

Tebogo who looked unease told a local publication, that she got alerts on her mobile phone that someone had fraudulently withdrawn R6 000 from her bank account.

“I am so stressed, you have no idea. This person started with R100, then R3 000 and another R3 000. I had to call the bank now and block my card.

“I am very careful with money and I work hard for it,” Pinky Girl told DRUM. “For someone to just come and take what’s mine is hurtful.”

She has never suffered an act of being defraud before, but it has happened close, her cousin Bonang Matheba, lost about R75 000 from which was unlawfully withdrawn from her account.

As the interview progressed over a cup of strong coffee taken alongside a cigarette, Pinky Girl regained composure becoming as active as she has been known for, explained her newly found love for DJing. She was in cloud nine explaining how she had finally found what she loves best, adding that her career was taking shape.


When she first propped up on Being Bonang, fans interrogated what she did for a living. Pinky Girl held down an eight hour working day job at an IT company for seven years before resigning in 2018.

“I quit when my colleagues realised I was related to Bonang,” she told the magazine. “Some started acting awkward. They would even say, ‘Your cousin is rich, why doesn’t she give you money and you can quit your job? I’m a grown woman. Yes Bonang pays for some things, but I can’t ask her for money all the time.”

She was getting a torrid time by her female counterparts who teased her for having to work while not tapping from her rich cousin.

Pinky Girl (31) had a good relationship with her cousin Bonang there enjoyed each other’s company to the extent that some people used to mock Pinky Girl as Bonang’s handbag alleging that all she could do was hanging around her like a parasite.

After quitting her job, she spent six months as if in a wilderness, without any focus, lacked vision about her career. She could only live on making guest appearances at gigs, parties, and the like, however, she was not enjoying that type of making ends meet.

Finally, Pinky Girl has found her life’s purpose in DJing. “I’ve been practising so hard on my DJing skills, and because I’m a technical person, I picked up a lot in the first week,” she told DRUM magazine.

Source :News365