Former Generations: The Legacy actor – Duma Mnqobi who played the character of Bafana on the soapie broke many hearts when his role was suddenly removed from the storyline.

A lot of viewers expressed their wishes of having Duma return to the Soapie; however, those wishes were shortlived after it was discovered that Duma had left Generations to pursue a career in music, however that wasn’t the case.

Duma shared a video of an old song of his titled Umsindo. The video was released in 2015 but gained popularity three days ago after the actor posted it on Twitter.



However, Dumi is not swayed by people’s opinions about his music as he’s ready to release yet another song which he wrote back in 2016.

Here’s a snippet of the song.

With regards to the Umsindo single, it seems someone took it upon themselves to improve the song by creating a remix. To our surprise, the remix received some positive responses from the public, and they encouraged the producer of the remix to collaborate with Dumi

Here’s the remix below, let us know what you think.