Gugu Gumede Opens Up About Being Single For Almost 4 Years! The Uzalo actress revealed back in 2017 that she wasn’t dating and waiting on God to give her a tailor-made man just fr her.

The 26 year old actress recently explained what she meant by the statement and what she’s achieved in the last four years she has been single.

“There’s a whole lot of heartbreaks going around and it’s because people are not taking time to know themselves first before they attempt to share themselves with other people,” she told Sowetan.


“In these three going on four years that I have been single‚ I have gotten to know myself so well. For me‚ it was a decision guided by my core values. I want to be able to bring the best version of myself to my future husband‚” she added.

Gugu shared how she deals with the criticism and different opinions especially with social media.

“I take a lot of time to meditate and to pray – listening to myself and my conscious. There I learn things for myself. That introspection allows me to see how I have navigate life in the different situations and that’s how I strengthen my inner voice.”

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