Pastor Mdletshe had the worst possible start to 2018. MaDlamini exposed his wife MaNzuza’s affair with his best friend Advocate Zulu in church on Monday 1 January in front of God and everybody. And while KwaMashu is feasting on the juicy gossip, it’s clear on Wednesday 3 January that the pastor is utterly devastated. “He gets bottled up and he feels ashamed”, reveals Glen. “Each time he walks around in the community and he hears gossip going along, it affects the pastor. He becomes a recluse and tries not to interact with anybody anymore, which ultimately leads him to neglect his duties in running the church.”

In the end, the poor pastor can not get out of bed – but not for long. By the time Wednesday 10 January comes along, Mxolisi is appalled when his pastor dad reveals his new plan. “He is so depressed that he can’t see straight anymore. He’s lost inetrest in everything”, explains Glen. “He indicates to Mxolisi that he is looking at relocating, moving away from KwaMashu and finding a quiet space in the rural areas where he can start afresh.

But is turns out there is one thing the pastor won’t take lying down. When a power struggle breaks out among the church elders, Mr Mbatha’s arrogant behavior really gets up his nose. “The pastor feels that the elder is stabbing him in the back instead of supporting him,” reveals Glen.

Pastor Mdletshe transforms from a slug-a-bed into a lion – just wait till you hear him roar on Tuesday 16 January!! Fingers will be pointed, voices will be raised!! A brand new battle for the KwaMashu Kingdom Church is just beginning…

Source : Online