Watch! Fikile Mbalula Throws Major Shade At Carless Celebs! The Police Minister is well known for his jokes on social media and throwing jabs probably more than a person who holds his position should but we’re not judging.

Mbalula was addressing the war between meter taxis and Uber saying the violence happening is largely as a result of competition and the fact that Uber is too sophisticated. In trying to explain why people prefer Uber to meter taxis, Mbalula couldn’t help but use carless celebs as an example.

“Uber is accessible at all places. It can fetch you at your house, even if you are a
celebrity… and you don’t want to be seen that you don’t have a car. Uber has restored
dignity to celebrities and such people.
Mbalula says Uber has restored dignity to people who want to practice their celebrity
status without being interrupted.
“You see people jumping out of expensive cars, thanks to Uber. When you are a celebrity,
you are on TV, you don’t want to be seen in a taxi. You want to be dignied
and Uber has brought that dignity,” he said to a laughing crowd.