The Queen’s Petronella is the latest TV character, who has been keeping people glued to to their TV sets every evening.

The quirky domestic worker, played by actress Thembsie Matu, burst onto our screens when she arrived at her husband’s city home from their rural village.

Her crazy antics and suspect advice have seen fans hail her the ‘Madea of Mzansi TV’.

Last year, Thembsie said the secret sauce in her recipe of success was passion and imagination.

“I love what I do. I make sure to try and educate and entertain with the characters I play. We [are] similar in terms of confidence. We go after what we want and we are both no nonsense women. However, I am not a violent person – I don’t beat men. I hope Patronella teaches women to work on what they have: Be it a cleaner or cook or a nanny. And they mustn’t put all their eggs in one basket,” she said.

The internet is filled with videos of her best moments and here are just five of our faves.

Her advice on getting intimate with RoboCop, Jerry

Her Omunye remix that will make Distruction Boyz blush

The time she put cocaine in a cake instead of icing sugar

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