Zoleka Mandela‘s daughter, Zanyiwe Bashala seems to be gearing up for the catwalk in future,

Zoleka shared a video on Instagram of Zanyiwe doing her thing in the mall. Twirls and all.

Dressed in a pink Cinderella dress, that was accessorized with sunglasses and a tiara, the little girl oozed confidence.

Zanyiwe smiled and waved as she modeled in the mall.

Watch out world – this lil girl could be SA’s next supermodel or entertainer!


Following the video, she wrote; ‘This is how my 5yr old walks in a mall, I can’t even exude this much confidence at my current age of 39, I wish I was like her at her age!!! 🤗 She recently lost her tooth, tooth fairy gave her R100, I wish I got R100 for my tooth when I was her age, I think mine were just thrown over the roof of the house if not put into a shoe and replace with cents!!! 🤣 When I asked her what I thought the tooth fairy would give her, she said, “Money so I can make it rain!” I almost died … I promise you that she doesn’t get that from me, the twerking too … 😳 She even told me not be scared about bleeding when I gave birth to her sister, told me it will be a little painful though … also calls tampons and pads diapers for women!!! Guys … 😂‘.

Source : News365