Actor Kagiso Modupe took to social media to reminisce on his “street vendor” days  and also used the opportunity to encourage young people to persevere to achieve their dreams.

The actor popularly know for his Scandal! character, Mangi Nyathi, said many people had told him he would not make it and that he had to pay his “dues” but he had a different understanding that made him who he is.

“I’ve had a lot of people say bad things about me and negative things about me. I’ve had people laugh at me when I was still selling stuff and being a street vendor. I’ve had people tell me that I couldn’t achieve something because I was still too young,” he said.

He took the moment to explain how he overcame those comments and why he did not let people tell him that he still had to pay his “dues”.

“I was like, what? Pay my dues? You have to understand that my dues were paid a long time ago. Someone paid my dues on the cross. Somebody bled from their head to their toes to pay for my dues. So don’t come here and tell me about dues, I worked hard,” he said.

Preach Kagiso!

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