Actress Ntando Duma Speaks Out On Dating #Gomora’s Teddy. Is Gomora actor; Sicelo Buthelezi the mysterious man that actress Ntando Duma is dating? Many asked themselves after eyebrow raising pictures of the two surfaced online.

Actress Ntando Duma Speaks Out On Dating #Gomora’s Teddy

Rumour had it that Gomora’s Teddy – real name Sicelo Buthelezi and The Queen’s Mpho – real name Ntando Duma were maddly in love, possibly the man Ntando Duma revealed she was engaged to in October last year.

Because Duma is often secretive about her relationship, many were left to guess who the man could be and their answer was Sicelo Buthelezi.

But she has lashed out at a fan who had asked if these rumours were true.

When quizzed by a fan about her love life Suring an Instagram ‘True or False’ game, she lashed out at the fan and called these rumours and the person asking her “crazy”.

“Is Teddy from Gomora your boyfriend?” the fan asked. To which she harshly responded, ‘you are crazy.’

In other words there is no waay she could be dating Sicelo Buthelezi as people had thought.

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The man in Ntando Duma’s life remains a mystery till date despite the persistence of her fans in finding out who he is.

Ntando has a daughter, Sbahle with musician Junior De Rocka. But the two broke up and are raising their kid in that way.

She however is engaged to a yet to be known man.

Media earlier reported that there was a sextape trending on social media and netizens mistook the girl in the video for Ntando Duma. The actress finally came out about the video and set the record straight that she was not the one in the video.

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