Actress Palesa Madisakwane and her nine-year-old daughter have been left shaken after being involved in a car crash that was allegedly caused by a drunk driver.

The accident occurred on Witkoppen road in Johannesburg last week.

In an interview with DRUM, Madisakwane said that the accident occurred while she was on her way home from a wedding.

“After getting the right of way making a right turn on the robots, I noticed a speeding car swaying into my lane coming towards me. At this point, I can’t really see because the lights of the car were blinding me.”

The former Generations actress said that minutes after the accident, she was confused. She said that it was when her daughter screamed that she realized what had happened. She tried to open doors and windows to exit the vehicle but failed.

Madisakwane said that she is grateful for those who stopped to assist her and her daughter. She called them “angels”.

“What I’m grateful for the most are the people that stopped their cars and came out to help us, drivers normally just slow down when they see an accident and eventually drive past.”

Madisakwane took to Instagram to express her gratitude that she and her daughter “made it out alive”.

“After a car accident caused by a drunken driver over the weekend that left me with scars and stitches, I still thank God for life. Mercy said NO!”




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