AKA and Enhle Mbali reportedly dated. Enhle Mbali is reportedly an ex-lover of the late rapper, AKA.

AKA and Enhle Mbali reportedly dated

AKA and Enhle Mbali’s alleged romance has been revealed.

Their romance made it to the public due to the recent trend of “Unpopular Opinion”.


A photo of Black Coffee’s ex-wife was tagged with the phrase and a Twitter user with the name Pablo revealed that the late rapper and Enhle were in a romantic relationship.

The Twitter user said she was with Black Coffee while dating AKA.

“She is for the streets. When she first dated Coffee she was still with Kiernan,” Pable captioned post.

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The tweet garnered lots of reviews as many were shocked to know that the late star and actress were once an item.

An old photo suggesting a confirmation resurfaced under the tweet.






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