AKA: I Want To Piss On Your Grave. AKA is really making it difficult for people to support him and believe that he is genuinely grieving the death of his wife, Anele Tembe.

AKA: I Want To Piss On Your Grave

AKA shocked the country today when he posted a picture of himself, but what caught a lot of people’s attention was the song title he posted along with the picture. The title was “Piss On Your Grave” by Travis Scott. There is absolutely no way that this is not intentional. He purposely posted that picture with that song for a reason.

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Here are the lyrics of the song:

Mzansi is now a lot more convinced that he had a hand in Nellie’s death. All of the damming allegations against him might just be true. No normal person would do that! It is evident that he has absolutely no respect or love for her.

That took a lot of people by surprise because in our minds, he is a grieving widower. Most people would assume that the slightest things, such as the word graves would trigger him and his pain of losing someone he loved dearly.

Fans were extremely disappointed in him and others were just at a loss for words.

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