Rapper AKA has received a number of death threats from Nigerian nationals amidst the ongoing xenophobic violence in parts of South Africa.

It all began when popular Nigerian artist Ycee voiced his opinion on xenophobia and condemned how it was still a problem in 2019.

“I don’t rate South African men at this point … and I’m not trying to create any form of animosity between us and them (that they don’t already feel against us) It is really sad that In 2019 Xenophobia is what we are still facing and discussing as a problem,” he wrote.

The Wakanda Forever singer then went on to allege that most South Africans, including AKA disliked Nigerians.

“There is this subtle dislike that a lot of them (If not all) feel towards Nigerians and no matter how hard they try to hide it … it eventually jumps out – like when AKA had a full childish grown man tantrum when they lost to Nigeria in the nations cup,” he continued before saying that South Africans would never feel unsafe in Nigeria.

AKA responded to the rapper by explaining that his tweets from the time were purely about football and a “sibling rivalry” between Nigeria and South Africa and were not linked to xenophobia.

Source : Celeb