The Reason Cassper Vs AKA Boxing Match Might Delay Again. AKA says he does not condone violence as he cancels the match.

AKA says he does not condone violence as he cancels the match.

Yesterday we reported on the exciting developments of the AKA vs Cassper Nyovest boxing match. All thanks to AKA’s social media post where he showed us the contract he was getting ready to sign. Unfortunately, the rapper has deleted the post giving Cassper some ammo to mock and ridicule him even further.

The Energy rapper posted an image of the contract implying that he has signed it saying he is ready to shut Cassper’s mouth, “It’s amazing how people can suddenly turn into tough guys when history and experience tells us otherwise. The time for talk is nearly over.”

Following his post, social media was hyped, and both the rappers topped the trends list, reviving up their followers’ excitement. However, the excitement died down when he deleted it. It’s as almost as if he was proving Cassper’s point.

Cassper said AKA was in possession of the contract for months and was only posting now just to get the people talking, “Lmao. That contract is going to go back into the drawer it’s been chilling in nicely for months now. That guy doesn’t want to fight. I’ll believe it when the signed contract is handed in. For now, ima gonna go play Fifa with Carpo and speak gugugaga with my beautiful son.”

When AKA deleted the post, Cassper implied that AKA is scared to get in the ring with him but wants to fight him in public spaces. “What did I say? Tweet deleted, tail tucked back into the a**. All talk!!! No action!!! He wants to start fights at clubs and damage my brand that I worked hard to build so we can both suffer at the bottom. I’m not into that. Let’s get in the ring, no bodyguards to save you.”

In response to the claims, AKA clarified things and said he never fought with anybody throughout his career and that he does not believe in violence.

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“I just want to make it clear… that I did absolutely NOT smack the sh*t out of anyone at any point in time in my career. I do not condone violence. Under ANY circumstances.”

However, it was this next tweet which makes things a bit obscured making us question if he is even prepared to fight Cassper in the ring. He said, “WE MUST learn to settle our differences without violence … and be role models for the next generation.”


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