When you think you are doing it well and decide to share your stuff with your followers then boom, it backfires and turns to a joke, what a slap in the face.AKA’s new Tattoo leaves Fans questioning his maturity.Twitter is that one place where you don’t get to take it too much because its reactions are unpredictable.

AKA’s new Tattoo leaves Fans questioning his maturity

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Father and rapper AKA just shared a post flaunting his new tattoo that was inspired by iconic WWE wrestler, Bret Hart and it turns out to be receiving a lot of critics whereby tweeps are asking about his maturity, like for real a grown man wouldn’t do such a thing, especially that is after a wrestler.AKA’s new Tattoo leaves Fans questioning his maturity.

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On Monday, 23 March 2020, AKA revealed that he got a new tattoo inspired by a wrestler, Bret “Hit Man” Hart. Following the post, social media users questioned his maturity for choosing that specific tattoo. AKA has not yet responded to the comments. Check out the new tattoo:


AKA’s new Tattoo leaves Fans questioning his maturity – Picture

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