Amapiano singer Moonchild Sanelly hospitalized after she collapsed! Moonchild Sanelly has been rushed to hospital after she contracted and tested positive for Covid-19. The singer is currently out of the country and mentions after she collapsed, she was later hospitalized for Covid-19.

Amapiano singer Moonchild Sanelly hospitalized after she collapsed!

Taking to social media, Moonchild Sanelly shared the news with her fans and followers. Although she never elaborated on the intensity of her situation but Moonchild Sanelly also shared that she was prior to leaving the country.

Moonchild Sanelly every other person she has come in contact with to go get tested for Covid-19, possible for early prevention and or immediate medical attention.

“Collapsed now being admitted for Covid! Anyone of the 3 ppl who have been around me pls check ur status” wrote Moonchild Sanelly.


In a series of tweeps, Moonchild Sanelly has managed to answer as many questions as she could from her worried fans. It appears the singer is feeling even much better but she had to be taken in for immediate medical attention.

“I wouldn’t have toured without a double jab so yes I think it’s mild coz of the jab” wrote Moonchild Sanelly


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Overcome with shock, tweeps have since wished Moonchild Sanelly a speedy recover amidst the current adversaries. The amapiano singer has also assured her concerned fans and followers that she is well rested and recovering under the supervision of health workers and doctors.

“Get well Sista, take care and please let it be a safe and speedy recovery” wrote Nkat




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