Minnie Dlamini has been fending off pregnancy speculations since she said “I do” to hubby Quinton Jones in 2017. And after her last red carpet appearance at the Sun Met, she had to again deny the talk. So she took to Twitter to remind her followers how “insensitive” pregnancy questions are.

On Tuesday Minnie had to set the record straight (again) after another one of her Twitter posts turned into an “are you pregnant?” and “congratulations on the baby” parade for her followers in the comments section.

The presenter said she was trusting God for the arrival of her children and asked that people kindly stop the talk. She explained that she understood that most people meant well, but wanted fans to be aware that “pregnancy” speculations were insensitive.

Minnie warned her followers that they had no idea what is going on behind closed doors for her and her hubby as far as having children is concerned.

“Let’s trust in God’s timing for the arrival of my offspring. We also need to be cognisant of how insensitive it is to speculate about pregnancy. You don’t know my journey or what I’ve been through or go through,” Minnie said.

So yes. The next time you want to add weight and baby in the same sentence, think about what the consequences are.

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