BABES Wodumo’s father, Bishop Welcome Simelane, has vowed she won’t go back to her ex-boyfriend and alleged abuser Mampintsha.

Simelane told Daily Sun yesterday Babes was old enough to make her own decisions.

“She can date an mlungu or an Indian guy and get married to them,” he said.

But he denied Babes was back in Mampintsha’s arms.

“Over my dead body! My daughter will never go back to that man.

“It’s not true. She has not gone back to him.”

When asked how he felt when Babes recorded the video of the song Kukhona Izingane Lay’ndlini with Mampintsha, he said: “Just because they recorded a video together doesn’t mean they are romantically involved.

“They’re working together. Their relationship is that of colleagues, not lovers.”

The People’s Paper asked him if he still believed Mampintsha bewitched his daughter to go back to him after attacking her, as he told the media.


But he changed his tune, saying he withdrew that statement.

“This case is in court and I can’t carry on with some of the statements. I withdraw the bewitching statement,” he said.

After the video of Babes and Mampintsha’s song went viral last week, fans criticised her after sympathising with her when she revealed she was abused.

But Babes responded to one of her critics on Instagram, saying in Zulu: “Ey sis naka izindaba zakho . . . uphume ezindabeni zabantu ababili” (sister, focus on your affairs and leave the affairs of two people alone).

Mampintsha and Babes fans are keen to know what will happen in court next Wednesday when Mampintsha appears for allegedly assaulting Babes.

This is because he’s broken one of the bail conditions that prohibited him from being in contact with her.

Source: Daily Sun