Imagine how progressive we would be if all parents, especially black parents were supportive of their kids’ hustles on matter what it is.

Actress Rami Chuene is leading in changing the narrative of parents and their kids relationship when they pursue entrepreneurial or careers that are shun upon or not so popular. Rami’s middle daughter Nthateng has been pushing her hustle selling her n*ude photos for a good cause. Nthateng explained that she plans to start sharing tutorials.

Rami didn’t waste time using her own platform with almost 300k followers to push her daughter’s hustle. “This child of mine has this thing going. Please subscribe! #CoochieForACause yes, I’m retweeting under duress,” Rami retweeted.

It didn’t take time until black twitter camped in Rami’s comments applauding her for being a supportive mom. Some think that already makes her mom of the year.

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