Buhle Samuels is the woman she thinks she is. No doubt. After a rather hectic week signaling her departure from Muvhango, Buhle Samuels has come back on the trends list with her video showing her caves and both men and Buhle are appreciating the God-given curves that she possesses. Buhle is also riding the wave of the highly successful Netflix series, Kings Of Joburg where she acts as Angela Masire. Buhle Samuels Shuts Down Internet With Twerk Video.

Buhle Samuels Shuts Down Internet With Twerk Video

Buhle has reportedly been fired from the SABC soapie Muvhango for being a diva. She plays Matshidiso on the soapie and according to a report by Sunday World, Buhle has been fired because the producers could no longer take her behavior.

Two insiders gave different reasons for the actresses’ exit from the show. One said that she left on good terms and the other said that fame got to her head so she has been treating in a distasteful manner.

There had been complaints being raised about Buhle being rude to make-up artists and other staff members. According to sources, she also has a short temper and would often fight with people on set. However, other reports state that Buhle left Muvhango to move to greener pastures. She left the show before for two years so that she could focus on her acting and music career. “This is my year I am taking over everything that’s mine with God on my side. They say the sky is the limit. I say I want it all the ocean and the sky. It’s my time and it’s my year,” said Buhle.

Twitter reacted to her video which she posted on her Insta Stories. Watch the video below

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Many men reminded ladies how good they can be if they try “hard enough”.

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