The couple fled to Malawi last week because of ”safety and security issues since 2015′.Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader Shepherd Bushiri says he does not care about the Centurion property he forfeited to the state after failing to appear .THE Enlightened Christian Gathering Church has denied that Shepherd Bushiri will host a prayer event on 31 December at a stadium in Malawi.Bushiri – Crossover Prayer Is Fake

Bushiri - Crossover Prayer Is Fake

Church spokesman Ephraim Nyondo said a poster advertising the event is fake.

He wrote on the church’s news page on Facebook: “Please note that the church has not issued any communication with regard to this year’s Crossover Night.

Bushiri - Crossover Prayer Is Fake

“Information circulating is fake. The church will officially make a statement.”

While the South African government is trying to have Bushiri brought back to the country to face prosecution, life has been going on as normal for him in Malawi.

Bushiri apparently continued holding daily sermons online. Bushiri and his wife, Mary, fled the country about two weeks ago.

They’re facing charges of fraud, theft and money laundering amounting to R102 million. With an arrest warrant hanging over his head, Bushiri seemed unbothered on Friday, 20 November while preaching online.

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A poster making the rounds states he’ll host an event at Bingu Stadium in Lilongwe, Malawi, on New Year’s Eve.

On Friday, after being released by the Malawi police, Bushiri told crowds gathered to hear him cases he opened against corrupt cops were not being investigated.

The couple fled to Malawi last week because of “safety and security issues since 2015” – matters which got worse after they were granted bail, they said in a statement.

“There have been clear and evident attempts to have myself, my wife and my family killed and despite our several attempts to report to authorities, there has never been State protection. Our coming to Malawi, hence, is a tactical withdrawal from the Republic of South Africa solely meant to preserve our lives.

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