SurgeZirc SA previously reported the sad death of radio personality Chilli M whose real name was Vukani Msinga.

Just to go through it with you again, the radio DJ was 42 years and died in Johannesburg hospital on Thursday due to liver-related illness.

His former manager, Mondli “Pandora” Hlongwane, confirmed that Chilli M passed away on Thursday at 8 pm.

In his statement, he said “He had been rushed to a local clinic and was transferred to hospital where he died. He has been very sick with ascites. He had to pump water from his liver to get better but death defeated him”

According to Isolezwe Chilli M Alerted the public that he was going die at any time due to liver failure. On that particular day, the late radio personality said the year wouldn’t end with him still alive.

“Five months ago doctors told me that my liver was wasting my life because of my heavy drinking. If I continue to drink my liver and myself are at risk of not completing this year. At that moment I decided that I will quit alcohol.

“I started drinking alcohol when I was in high school, at about 17 years old. I’ve been drinking alcohol almost every weekend.

“I regret that I have been drinking alcohol for so many years that it has put my life in danger,” said the late radio DJ

He revealed that he had been working with Lovelife in a campaign to reduce alcohol consumption, especially among young people.

Source : Surgziiir