Dineo Ranaka says she’s losing her battle against suicidal thoughts. Dineo Ranaka is a South African television host, radio personality, DJ and reality television star, she is a cast member of the Ranaka’s family reality show.

Dineo Ranaka says she’s losing her battle against suicidal thoughts

She is a mother of 4 children and has once privately gotten married, Dineo has been open about her life and struggles against mental health issues.

Dineo once said she has had a very hard life growing up with so many siblings but she was raised by two loving parents and came from a big family. Dineo has once been hospitalized and spent weeks in hospital because of stress and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has since advocated for Mental Health wellness.

Dineo has sparked controversies a lot on social media because of her open minded and outspoken personality, and she is also open about her feminism. Recently Dineo wrote on her Instagram stories that she is struggling with Depression, she wrote that she is always fighting suicidal thoughts in her mind and she is scared.

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That she might lose her battle to suicide. She said life is so hard and she is trying so hard not to commit suicide and that she is also scared for her children, She also said she sympathize with people who commit suicide because life is so hard. Her older sister Manaka commented on the post telling her sister that she is strength.

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