Dineo Ranaka – “Sometimes I think I’m lesbian”. Dineo Ranaka opens up about her thoughts of being a lesbian.

Dineo Ranaka – “Sometimes I think I’m lesbian”

The radio personality claimed her friend, Refilwe Modiselle speaks about how her energy exudes lesbianism.


“@refilwemodiselle always goes on about my lesbian energy.”

Dineo says she slams the idea of being a lesbian by thinking of her man.

“Sometimes, I think I’m lesbian. Then I look at my man and I’m like Naaah!!!”


Ranaka further revealed that she would have been a hot lesbian, making men lose their women.


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“If I was though… gents you’d be in trouble cause sis can take soft care, provide AND protect. Sis can make your girl suspect she for her own team,” she added.

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