DJ Zinhle has shown AKA her support on Twitter despite the rumours about their relationship – Perhaps it is possible that the two are still happily together and the gossip is just… gossip –

Zinhle has retweeted info about AKA’s upcoming concert and it seems likely that there is no trouble in their paradise.

Rumours have been floating around that DJ Zinhle and AKA have called it quits and their fans aren’t happy.

However, there have been signs that the pair are still together and unbothered by the gossip.

Neither of them has responded to the rumours and reports of their break-up. In fact, Zinhle has shown she won’t be pulled in by the stories.

Zinhle even responded positively to a comment about her wearing the letters K and F around her neck. Now, the DJ retweeted a post by AKA, showing her support for the rapper, and it seems the pair don’t have any issues at all.

Source : News365