When Fezile Makhanya first appeared on the Mzansi Magic series, The Queen, he viewers into a frenzy over his perfect looks.

He quickly became a trending topic almost every night – with viewers wondering what the new mystery man on their screens could really be.

tebogo 1

Having previously played roles of a typical businessman or boyfriend on Rockville and Tempy Pushas, the 33-year-old tells DRUM that he was thrilled when he got the role of the unpredictable, manipulative and rich Tebogo.

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“I was excited when Ferguson Films approached me for the role. I have been wanting to play a character that has been the opposite to what I have played before,” he explains.

Even going further to comparing Tebogo to the alter-ego of US singer, Beyoncé.

“I always wanted something challenging, a character that I can build to be anything and Tebogo is my Sasha Fierce,” he said.

tebogo 3

Fezile says playing the role has inspired him to dream again.

“Tebogo has reminded me to dream again. To speak things into existence. He’s reminded me that I am capable of doing anything,” a joyful Fezile said.

He describes his character as a sweet, loving, sultry, caring, calculative, rich, good looking and unpredictable man who has the charms that can sweep any woman off her feet and admires how much of a go-getter he is.

“Tebogo gets whatever he wants when he wants it and how he wants it. He’s an amazing businessman and money just loves him. That in turn makes it easy for him to get anything he wants.”

tebogo 2

Although the heartthrob is nothing like Tebogo in real life, he does admit that being calculative and ambitious are some of the qualities both Fezile and Tebogo share.

Since Tebogo’s girlfriend, Kea (played by Dineo Moeketsi) will soon see the insecure and manipulative side of Tebogo, Fezile warns women against being after men with wealth and charm.

“We are all made equally, but like different things. There are women who thrive on the face of danger while others prefer something mellower. The advice I would give to ladies that like the likes of Tebogo is to be careful, it never ends well,” he warns.

Although the actor cannot reveal his other projects, he says viewers must expect to see more of him on the small screens.




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