Fans left speechless after Tebello from Scandal’s salary was revealed. Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane is one of the youngest rising actors who are very talented. The young man recently joint the entertainment industry, after heade his debut on Scandal were he plays the role of Tebello. Since Lihlonolofatso joined the Scandal cast, he has been complimented by viewers on how good he is in acting.

Fans left speechless after Tebello from Scandal’s salary was revealed

He really has a natural talent in acting considering that his only 10 years old and yet he can act so well, unlike so many of our South African actors and actresses who had to study drama and theatre in order to get in the entertainment industry.

The 10-year-old have a natural talented which everyone saw when he joined the show. What viewers loves the most about Lihlonolofatso, is his setwana ascent which makes his talent very unique. It’s no secret that the young man has a promising successful career in the acting industry because he has already started making a name for himself at the age of 10.

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His acting skills got him praises and sympathy from the viewers. However Hus net worth is currently sitting at R80 000 to R100 000, which is understandable considering that he recently joined the industry.

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