TV star and producer Leleti Khumalo says losing a child while living with her skin condition was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to experience, and left her battling depression and feelings of worthlessness.

The star has a condition called vitiligo that has seen her lose skin colour over much of her body. Speaking to Drum magazine recently, she said that dealing with it was made harder after losing one of her triplets at birth.

“Losing my child was one of the hardest moments in my life. I was left with too many questions- I cried, I prayed and I blamed myself. It was a double tragedy for me as I had to deal with my skin condition at the same time.”

Only her husband telling her that she was still beautiful after the tragedy helped her get through it.

“I wouldn’t be the mother I am if he was not as involved as he is. He is more involved than I am with the twins. I said, ‘If you were not around I don’t know how I would have made it.’ I can hold on to my career. It is important, because it completes me,” Leleti once told Sunday Times, gushing over her hubby Skhuthazo.

She said that he was not ashamed of her condition and never missed a chance to tell her he loves her.

“I asked him how he feels – ‘Are you ashamed of me?’ – and he told me, ‘I still look at you the same way.'”

Responding to a fan who thanked her for speaking out on vitiligo, Leleti said it was important not to feel ashamed.

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