Fresh Evidence Exposes JubJub For R@ping 14-Year-Old Girls. After Amanda Du Pont posted the video of her explaining how Jub Jub assaulted and mistreated her, several women revealed their stories.

Fresh Evidence Exposes JubJub For R@ping 14-Year-Old Girls

A lot of South African women were triggered by Amanda’s video. Her confidence encouraged other women to finally tell their stories about Jub Jub.

A young lady, @LoveFoodYola, posted a screenshot of a conversation between her and an unidentified woman, speaking about how Jub Jub has coerced 14 year old girl to sleep with him.


According to the screenshot conversation, Jub Jub would pick up high school learners, while they were in their school uniforms, then coerce them to sleep with him.

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Jub Jub is a predator and is a danger to women. He is currently on parole and people are demanding that he be put back in prison.

People are demanding that Jub Jub be removed from our screens!! !


What are your views on this?



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