FOR DAYS before her death, the young woman lived in fear of being murdered.

She was threatened with a picture of her own G-string and the promise of death.


Paballo Potloane (25), a mum of two, was allegedly threatened with images of her G-string covered in muthi and a knife.

Paballo’s family said they believe she was executed and that someone had sent killers to end her life.

Her throat was slit in front of her sister, Makgotso (30), who was forced to witness the murder.

The family told Media the man who killed her made sure she was the right person before killing her by asking for her name.

Messages from Paballo’s phones that have since been circulating among family and friends show how she had been threatened.

A source close to Paballo said she was dating a married well-known former ANC man whose identity was known to Media.

“The wife had found out and kept threatening her. She would show us the texts she got from the wife,” said the source.”

One of the messages warned Paballo that she would abort through her mouth if she was found to be pregnant.

She was threatened that she would see the effects of the muthi.

One WhatsApp message, supposedly from the wife, reads: “I’m not going to lose my marriage over trash like you.”

The source said Paballo made screen shots of the messages and sent them to her friends.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Paballo’s cousin, Tshidi Tshabalala (40), said they only learnt of the alleged affair after she was murdered.


She said Paballo never told them she was pregnant.

Tshidi said the two men broke into the house where Paballo and her sister were living in Braamfischerville, Soweto.

Tshidi said Makgotso told her that Paballo heard movements in the house.

“She screamed and they were tied up on the couch,” said Tshidi.

“The sisters pleaded with the men to take anything they wanted but not to harm them. The men demanded money and they said they didn’t have any. One man asked for their names. Paballo said her name and the man shone a torch in her face.”

Tshidi said the man then dragged Paballo to the bedroom and threw her on the floor before taking their cellphones and R100 from her handbag.

Media understands the killer took the phones because of the threatening messages.

Tshidi said Paballo’s sister saw Paballo’s legs as she kicked and heard her struggling to breathe.

She said she thought Paballo was being strangled.

“When the man got up, he made a call to someone and said the job was done.

“Then he threw a steel rod like a crowbar at Makgotso. She pretended to be unconscious and the men left,” said Tshidi.

“Makgotso rushed to the neighbours for help and they discovered that Paballo’s throat had been slit.”

She said if only they knew she was being threatened they could have helped.

“She never spoke to us. She only spoke to her friends. We want justice,” said Tshidi.

Cops opened a murder case at the Dobsonville Police Station.

Provincial spokeswoman Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said the cops were investigating a case of murder and house breaking.

Source : Daily Sun