Gauteng Hospital so full their using the parking to treat patients.The health minister of south africa has addressed the nation of the situation of the gauteng hospital and their condition.

Gauteng Hospital so full their using the parking to treat patients

The minister was at the hospital today as he was informed of the hospital being overcrowded, which made him implement on the parking area to be reserved as a ward for patients.

The minister further told the public in an interview outside the hospital that the hospital has many patients, and their working on a plan to maintain the situation as professional as possible.

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The supervisor of the hospital said they where very overwhelmed about the increase of people seeking help, he further said it not usual for something like this at the very beginning of the year.

Its the first time ever this has happened to this hospital to be full in all wards including the once that have never been full. Some patients who came needing help had to be sent away to other hospitals due to no availability of space.

The minister later said this was not a situation they had imagine, but it will be handled with much care and responsibility.

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