Whenever he hits the streets, people turn heads thinking he is known actor Vuyo Dabula who plays the character of Gadaffi on the local soapie, Generations.

Abednico Mabaso said the recent lookalike discovery started when he entered Mr. Bushbuckridge pageant 2019.

The 27-year-old from Mphenyatsatsi Village outside Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga told Daily Sun that shortly after he became one of the finalists of the pageant, people started noticing that there was a resemblance between him and Gadaffi.

“I started noticing the comments on our Facebook page where people were saying we might be brothers who were separated at birth. For a long time, I never thought I could be mistaken with one of the known celebrities,” he said.

He said now people call him Gadaffi since he was crowned Mr Bushbuckridge.


“I have looked myself several times in the mirror trying to figure out what people are saying about my look but I don’t think we are alike. But I guess everyone as people we do see things differently,” he said.

He said well there’s nothing wrong when people mistakenly call him Gadaffi since it’s not every day when someone can be called a star.

“I now find this hilarious as people always ask me where is my elder brother? I have never met him before maybe one day I will meet him and take a pic with him just to see what people think.”

He said this might come in handy and get things done as he plans to use his title to work with the youth from villages to help them make the right health choices.

“I will use my title to address issues faced by young people. Things like alcohol and substance abuse should be tackled as they affect the health of human beings and in most cases destroy lives.”

Source : News365