Born to alcoholic parents, her mother died when she was 12 years old and her father is a drifter who wonders in and out of her life. She was adopted and raised by her aunt and uncle, who provided for her a loving and supportive home life.

Although she has suffered many hardships Thobile chooses to see her life as a blessing, she holds no resentments or bitterness. Today, she is a confident woman who fears nothing and lives for the moment. She has dreams of building a fashion and beauty empire.

She works at Nkule’s hair salon doing nails. She is Mastermind’s girlfriend and sees the two of them in the same league as Kim and Kanye, Jay Z and Beyonce. There is not a thing she doesn’t know about pop culture, she has a peculiar fashion sense and an odd sense of humor.

The queen of malapropisms, she loves using big words (though often in the wrong context) and is just as likely to quote Aristotle or Shakespeare as Chris Brown or Aliyaah. She posts 20 pictures on her Facebook page every day and hashtags everything.

She also speaks in hashtags.
She is fun, street-wise and cunning but is often undermined because she is so jovial and fun loving.