The social media streets have been lit up by a new Amapiano sensation, Gee Six Five. The 65-year-old singer’s video has been shared all over social media over the past few days. Gogo drops a hot Amapiano song and South Africans are impressed

Gogo drops a hot Amapiano song and South Africans are impressed - Video

The single titled Obani Lababantu? is also on music streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes. It’s already number 3 on iTunes. The song hasn’t been released yet though.

In the video shared on Facebook and Twitter, Gee Six Five said she knows Mzansi will enjoy her single.

In Isizulu, she said: “My name is Gee Six Five. I’m about to release a song titled Obani Lababantu? A song that’s going to be a hit. I think South Africans will love it.”

Gee Six Five also asked for support from fellow South Africans.

“All I’m asking for is support. I recorded this single because I want us to show that anyone, no matter how old, can turn anything into a success.

So please check me out on all music platforms,” said Gee Six Five.

Former Move! magazine editor-in-chief, Sbu Mpungose said Her Six Five is her aunt. She retweeted gogo’s video and shared that her family isn’t happy about Gee Six Five.

She also revealed that gogo is pursuing a doctorate.

“So Gee Six Five is my aunt (she who got her masters at 60 yrs+ & is pursuing a doctorate). My family is very divided about her recording this single. She says she wants to show that you can go after your dreams no matter the age. A festive jam? #G65.”

However, many people on social media have been applauding her for pursuing music at 65 years.

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Thato Lakaje tweeted: “Gee Six Five doesn’t suffer from “Abantu Bazothini Syndrome. Own your throne Auntie.”

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